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MOME - Motion Design Conference

Role - Branding, UX, UI
Medium - Conference Poster, Banners, Mobile App, and Marketing Products

Tools - Adobe Illustrator, Figma, After Effect

Year - 2021

MOME is a 3-day creative conference, focuses on highlighting the value that motion design brings to visual storytelling in Marketing, and demonstrates that motion graphics are media campaigns visual storytelling is very useful for sharing stories about the origin of the business or product, a top brand storytelling tool.

Logo & graphic elements color palette

Background & type color palette 


The mission of this project was to build a brand with full assets that matched the nature and message of this conference.

For MOME to be meaningful and bring wonderful results to the target users, developing brand applications and marketing forms for this conference is indispensable.


No matter how great the product or service is, the reason why customers should trust and buy from the business is not as effective as it used to be. Instead, marketers should tell a customer-centric story to show understanding and empathy for everything the customer really wants. In today's advertising market, storytelling, especially visual storytelling, has become quite popular, but the process of making a viral story is not easy. In the digital age, capturing and maintaining the viewer's focus is more difficult than ever. Therefore, not all stories that the brand hits the market are well received, with confusing ads or unattractive content, businesses consider it a waste of investment money without getting the results as expected.

Digital Vectors

Hand Sketches




To represent the flow in the story by motion, "Motion Melody" is the choice for naming. Once I mined the words that describe my conference, I combined their first two letters to create MOME.

Final Mark Up

Color Palette

The logo and graphic elements' gradient colors are used from 6 bright color tones to express youthfulness, dynamism, and emotion. With the background and type, there will be neutral colors of white and black along with purple with a slightly dark tone to highlight elements with gradient color.

Asset 4-100.jpg


Because sans serif was born as an upgraded and younger version, used for creative designs that bring joy and youthfulness. Characterized by a vertical axis and horizontally accented curves, these two typefaces became popular because of their simplicity, freshness, and practicality. They are also very suitable for use on screens such as websites and mobile apps.





Pattern Usage

MOME is a conference and event app that helps you better understand the people you meet at the event. MOME's technology builds comprehensive profiles of attendees so you can see all the detailed profiles of sessions and attendees who will appear at the conference before you arrive at the event or conference. The app is used graphic elements with the same concept as brand guidelines to bring modernity, dynamism, and creativity.

MOME Mobile App

Poster Design

Unconventional Marketing

The unconventional marketing I want to aim for is Digital Marketing. Creating images, GIFs, and videos on social media that are easy to consume well with my target audience and followers. Plus, I'll build "motionit" hashtags and make them trend using content that gets people to respond.

Asset 4-100.jpg

The branding principles, such as colors, typefaces, logos, and graphic elements, seem to emulate my desired qualities and goals for this conference strongly. However, the area that I believe can be strengthened is poster design and app. At the present time, they all use still images to communicate. Therefore, my future desire is to create graphic elements with motion, after all this is a motion design conference so I also hope that the design elements will show the appeal of motion graphics to everyone. Posters will be replaced with digital billboards that can show movement in the design. As with the poster, the app should also be invested more in terms of prototype and animation to build a connection with this conference.


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