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Procrastination is a common psychological and lifestyle problem of modern life today. Whippie will support the development of people's behavior and improve their work productivity. My design helps users build healthy time management habits with their phones instead of banning agents from interrupting their tasks’ progress.

Role - Branding, UX, UI, Character Design
Medium - Mobile App, 3D character

Tools - Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Blender

Year - 2022

After receiving feedback from my class members and small groups, I adjusted my screens to be more complete. It fixes poor color contrast on screens and removes unnecessary search boxes. The summary I got after the final adjustment phase is a simple design with two main functions, including reasonably organizing tasks, combined with the Canvas app of the user's college so that students can control deadlines better and timing screens are customizable



Realizing the potential impacts of this procrastination, I wanted to create a mobile app for controlling workload and providing a space for users to focus more on the complete process of the job.

To lay the groundwork for a good experience, I decided to allow for more planned testing and investigation of UX. I chose the IOS operating system due to its local popularity and the need to challenge the plan with Material UI standards.


Students, high-school teachers, university faculty, and white-collar workers, have difficulty starting and focusing on their work. They always feel regret for not starting work earlier to finish them sooner or not being late for submission time. They have difficulty staying focused during work. For that reason, when the habit of procrastination begins to form, it will lead to many unpredictable consequences, such as our work will not go smoothly, and stagnate, leading to life difficulty to achieve success. Gradually, we will develop passivity and find it difficult to achieve our intended desires, leading to negative thoughts.

Users: Mapping Needs and Goals

"How can I help Helen, my fictional persona, manage time better and avoid being overloaded?"

From here, I framed my challenge into a question that would describe the purpose of the product:

What's Changing?

What's The Impact?

What Happened?

Understanding users, their wants, and preferences is one step closer to designing essential screens, creating simple, proactive experiences, and addressing the aforementioned issues in apps. From there, I finalized the "Potential Features" crucial to the user.


I started my approach to user experience by reflecting on my own experience, conducting several interviews with students from different educational backgrounds (Vietnamese education, American education, and study-abroad education), and doing research. procrastination data. This way, I got a closer look at building the user persona as well as key design solutions for this app.




Because to provide a comfortable and productive experience, the prototype of screens is mainly limited to simplifying the home screen and simplifying the icons on the screen, as well as navigating to performance tracking so that the user can perform show correlations based on their progress.


  • During my research, I learned that blue is one of the most effective thinking colors. Using this color for design will help communicate well, increase trust, and create a sense of calm. Therefore, if we want to increase work efficiency, we can choose this color as the main color. To create contrast, I also use dark gray and light yellow for the background or hierarchy of the design elements.

  • Europa font feels modern but not rigid.

  • Icons are designed consistently with a rounded shape and balance between lines and blue patches when clicked.

Back View

Side View

Get ideas from whipped cream ingredients

Front View

Whippie is the name of the main character of the app, not only a decorative 3D character but also a friend who always reminds and helps users manage tasks in the process of completing them.


Working on this project was a way for me to hone my UI/UX skills. It also made me understand how difficult it is to introduce a small new feature into a product that can change the entire user experience. I am constantly pushing myself about creating an in-depth case study and developing the visuals by applying a trendy style like 3D characters to the interface of the app. Through that, learning to build up a new form like 3D on a completely unfamiliar platform Blender is one of the difficulties right from the beginning. However, it is also my pride to see that I have perfected it. Besides, the aim is to keep updating and creating to develop this case study better. I would like to add some motion design to use to introduce Whippie to everyone. Hoping to work more on the visual design for this project and come up with more case studies.


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